Introduction to erecting a new fence.

A fence provides the necessary privacy that you and your family need to protect your boarders. After a few years you might start to notice a few holes in the fence and then when storm Doris arrives the fence get blown down.

With modern day building, practices we will prolong the life of your fencing and with the right investment, install something that will last for years to come.

Free project check list – Here are a few things to think about when dreaming about a new fence.

  • Planning Permission: Planning permission for erecting a fence is often not required as long as you follow the permitted development rules outlined here.

Its important to understand that you can take a fence down and replace with a better version of its self but you cannot increase the height with a replacement installation.

  • Building regulation/control for a new fence You will not need building control sign off to erect a new fence as long as the materials and construction meet modern day standards. Further information can be found here.

  • 1) Discuss Ideas for your fence. This is the stage that we want to learn everything about you and your dream. What would you like to happen? Where will the work be carried out? What is the outline of the proposed construction? How do you want it to look? Who will use it ? Have you had any drawings made by an architect? If we secure some of the basic facts about your dreams it will make the Architect check and pre-planning work more of an easy process keeping costs to a minimum.

  • 2) Architect check and pre-planning work Do you have an architect ? Our architect is one of the most important members of the team and they are fully qualified and come with a wealth of experience. If we can learn as much as possible from you at the start we will be able to reduce the time spent on re-drawing, re-designing and submitting your fencing project.

You don’t have to work with our architect… We are geared to work with any architect organisation that adopts modern day practices so please put us in touch with them as soon as possible so can work together.

  • 3. Concept design, drawings and first estimate After understanding what your conservatory dream looks like we will present different ideas to you that both the architect and us believe would be suitable to move forward. Depending on how complex the work would be drawings are typically created and we engage you as our client.

At this stage we can provide a good idea on costings for your fence.

  • 4. Planning & Building control application After we agree a specification for your fence we can then apply for full planning consent (if required) and obtain pricing from either the local authorities, building control department or from our chosen private firm of inspectors.

Obtaining planning permission ( if required ) can be a lengthy process and its important that we have as much information in the previous steps as possible, so the architect can get the application right and in as quickly as possible.

  • 5. Full costings estimate When the planning consent is granted ( If required ) for your fence we will have a firm set of instructions to finalise a price for you and will submit a complete estimate/quotation.

  • 6. Work starts At this stage our team will arrive on site to start work on your fence. Prior to this we must provide information to the building inspector ( if required ) with a start date and get permission to start.

Our team are hired for their talents and their willingness to please our customers. We take health and safety extremely seriously and take every step to minimise accidents. To date we have not had any reported or un reported site accidents.

  • 7. Client checks/Time for additions When your conservatory project nears completion, we will arrange to walk you around the development and discuss everything and ensure you are happy. This is the point that we will invite you to suggest changes for extras as well as discuss how closely we are meeting your dreams.

  • 8. Work completed The day is here ! We have all waited for this day to arrive and finally it has. On the morning of completion your project manager will attend site, direct the cleaners, make sure our team have completed everything and ensure the project is ready to present. We want this to be one of the happiest days of your life.

If you would like to explore having a fence built please contact your local Stotto office on 0116 2691240 or contact us here.

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