Our process

Our Process

It starts, very simply, with a small spark of an idea from you. It doesn’t have to be much; perhaps the image of a sunshine garden party with outdoor kitchen and guests relaxing on a purpose-built decking or enjoying a refreshing dip in your new swimming pool. Maybe it’s having that much needed extra space with a well-designed extension or loft conversion. This sliver of an idea is all that is needed to start the productive process of planning, designing and ultimately creating your dream space.

Next comes the fun part, embellishing those ideas. You will sit down with an experienced visionary who will talk you through the important features of the building work being undertaken. They will discuss function, practicality and design whilst letting you bounce ideas off them and personalise the space to what you have imagined.

The administrative part of the process may not be an exciting as describing your vision to another or watching it come to life, but it is a necessary part of project development. Making the time to discuss budgets, quotations and time schedules is vital as it allows contractors, architects and clients to keep an eye on how the work is progressing and prevent any unexpected and unwelcome surprises. A good plan is a well-organised plan and this is what we specialise in. We aim to take away the stress of management and leave you to enjoy watching your dream come to life.

After the details have been finalised, architects’ drawings have been completed and materials sourced, the wonderful time has finally arrived when we can “break ground” and begin construction. This time is particularly exciting as it is a new venture in the making; your new venture. As construction begins and progresses, you can think about everything you wish to do with your new space and enjoy watching it appear in front of you.

As the construction continues, our experienced contractors will keep you updated with any unforeseen changes that need to be made or provide possible solutions if something isn’t quite up to the image you had in your mind. You will be kept in-the-loop at all times throughout the build until the time it is completed. It is inevitable that the contractors will have lists of last minute touch-ups and tasks that need addressing before your project is fit for function (perfectionists normally do) and you are encouraged to inspect the space as well to ensure it is what you had in mind, both aesthetically and practically.

Finally, if what is in front of you makes you smile and you start to picture is being used as you had imagined, then it is time to unveil your latest creation (ceremony optional).

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