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MoistTech Plastic Industry

To optimize your manufacturing productivity, moisture measurement and control should be utilized to your benefit with MoistTech’s IR-3000. Plastic moisture measurement is easy when this equipment is incorporated into your facility. The IR-3000 doesn’t add any extra work to your staff – in fact, it frees your employees to complete other tasks.

Less Product Wasted: The IR-3000’s design ensures that less of your product is wasted. Engineers used algorithms, wavelengths, and sensor optical requirements to create MoistTech’s Near Infrared (NIR) technology. NIR accurately measure thousands of details per second. With quicker knowledge of product out of specifications, adjustments can be made sooner to the production line to resolve the problem and thus produce less waste.

Improved Quality of Final Products: when the IR-3000 completes its plastic moisture measurement, it uses those measurements to alert your operators or computers to correct the moisture levels in your production. The sensors detect whether the plastic is too wet or too dry regardless of the temperature, humidity, dust or ambient lighting. These factors unite to improve your overall product.

Better Consistency of Final Products: because you can pre-set the IR-3000’s measurement rate to correlate with your production rate, your products will have greater consistency. The IR-3000 is a simple, efficient system that creates greater consistency for your company’s reputation.

Less Energy Costs Due to Less Downtime: The IR-3000 is low maintenance. There are no required routine recalibrations. Installing the technology is easy – the sensor only needs mounted a few inches above your plastic product. Information passes through Ethernet connections into the IR-3000’s online database. With operator interface, digital displays, and consistent readings, the IR-3000 is a reliable resource that can decrease your company costs.