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Today’s pharmaceutical market is vastly different from the first pills of ancient Egypt, which were small round balls containing medicinal ingredients and mixed with clay or bread. Today’s gel caps boast over 80,000 colour combinations, and continuous advancements in technology consistently bring new and colourful coating products to market. Colour is the most fundamental part of a drug’s personality with the unique ability to create emotional appeal, communicate functional values and benefits and distinguish one brand from another.

Colour continues to play an increasingly important role in the success of any pharmaceutical product, from helping consumers to distinguish between different medicines, to the synaesthetic effects of colour and its association with taste and smell, and even colour temperature as it relates to the perception of a medicines performance. More and more, unique colours are used to create a brand image and identity that resonates with consumers and differentiates from the competition.

HunterLab understands the challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturers face in ensuring precise colour management and colour quality control. We also understand the need to comply with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) standards. From liquids to powders, to pills and capsules, HunterLab offers the broadest range of colou measurement solutions in the industry, including portable, benchtop and in-process colourimeter and spectrophotometer instruments tailored to every need and budget.